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DUSP Spring Town Hall: Summary of Recommendations from small groups

Dear Alumni:

At this spring’s town hall on 4/29/09, we asked the students, faculty and alumni who attended to discuss three key topics in small groups:

·      Key themes you all think are most important for DUSP in 2015
·      Signature skills and competencies of a DUSP graduate in 2015
·      Bold steps needed to align the department with those themes and skills

Below is a summary of the outcomes of those discussions.  They are also posted to plaza, so please log in there if you want to post a comment/reaction.

Leanne (on behalf of the DUSP Student Council)


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Boston Happy Hour! Thursday May 14

Boston-based DUSP alums are organizing a happy hour next week!  Come!  It will be informal, fun, and maybe even a little useful for those who are urban/planning-minded.  Lots of possibilities.

The details:

To RSVP, or if you have any questions, please contact Angela Insinger (MCP’07) @ ainsinger[at]gmail[dot]com

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ALUMNI ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND: DUSP Town Hall, April 29: Revisioning DUSP 2015

Dear alumni:

As mentioned in the posts about the DUSP 2010/2015 budgeting and
visioning process, Town Hall this spring aims to provide a first
opportunity for the entire DUSP community to come together to
deliberate and discuss possible guiding visions for the department,
based on where the planning field is heading and what the evolving
core competencies/skills in this field should be.  On both of these
points, alumni have an incredibly valuable perspective, and students
would welcome any alumni to attend and participate in this

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DUSP 2015: Alums, You’ve Got 6 Days to Tell the Dept What You Think

It was with much excitement that I greeted Amy Glasmeier’s, Judith Layzer’s, and Mary Jane Daly’s email late Wednesday night:

Dear DUSP Alumnus/a,

Department head Amy Glasmeier has charged a faculty committee, the DUSP 2015 committee, with proposing a vision to guide the department as we move forward. The context for this initiative is, of course, a worldwide recession that is likely to result in fewer resources for every department at MIT. But we regard this time of limited funding as an opportunity to focus our efforts more strategically. Therefore, the DUSP 2015 committee is stepping back and thinking about what cutting-edge planners should be doing and how they should be trained.

We would greatly appreciate the input of alumni/ae who are already putting their degrees to meaningful use and, presumably, have ideas about the kinds of expertise their future employees and colleagues ought to have. To that end, we would like to ask you to take a few moments to complete a short survey.

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Wow! 975 views since launching one short week ago!

Wow!  This site has received 975 views since launching last week, the DUSP Community group on Facebook has grown from 0 to 77 fans, and the LinkedIn Group has grown to 285 members!

It’s really exciting how supportive people have been about this site as a friendly online “meetup” for the DUSP community to exchange information.  On the group’s end, we need to get into the practice of posting more regularly so that you have a reason to keep coming back (and we’re planning on it).  But as we get the ball rolling, please feel free to help us and suggest postings (or become a post-er yourself!).  Thanks so much!

– Gena (MCP’07)

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There are 12 current DUSP students headed to Minneapolis this year for APA, and it would be great to meet up with any alums that are there!

If you are at the conference on Monday evening, stop by the Combined University Reception:

Monday evening (4/27), from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Hilton Minneapolis – Salons E/F.

– Jenny (MCP ’09)

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…(updates from DUSP Career Development)

three announcements from the world of DUSP Career Development – for alumni and students, both:

MJD: Now Full-time

Mary Jane Daly has moved to a full-time work schedule as of April 1, 2009. email her at daly[at]mit[dot]edu.

DUSPers, Take Alums Out to Lunch (For Free!)

last semester, Molly Ekerdt (MCP’09) came up with a great idea to facilitate networking by and among DUSPers: current students can take an alumnus (or practicing planner) out to lunch, reimbursable up to $20 by DUSP Student Council. students have taken advantage of this for career advice, thesis interviews, and, well, plain old free lunch. Alums, update your Infinite Connection accounts so you can be treated to lunch.

DUSP Careers Website: Evolving (+ More on the Way)

check out the work Sloan Dawson (MCP’10) has done, along with MJD, to begin updating the Careers website. of note is the weekly News + Events page. more changes to come as the Alumni-Student Group keeps moving!

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Alums: Hire a student through Community Service Work-Study (CSWS)

Just in case you didn’t get the 4/1/09 email from the MIT Public Service Center:

Dear MIT Boston area alumni, MIT students are always looking for new experiences. As alumni, you could be a wonderful resource for current students-and for your local community-by helping to locate summer job opportunities with: – Nonprofit organizations – Educational programs – Governmental agencies Community Service Work-Study (CSWS) is a program that makes it possible for students receiving financial aid to perform meaningful service while receiving a paycheck. It’s also great for community organizations, who receive a significant reduction in the cost of the wages thanks to Federal work-study support. While most CSWS students find positions in Cambridge during term time, it is also possible for students to work anywhere around the country during the summer and IAP. If you know of an organization in your area that would be interested in advertising a summer internship or job to MIT students, please share this information with them. There may also be “hardship funding” available for community organizations that are not able to afford their portion of a student’s wages. The benefits to an organization are numerous. Here are a few: – Access to problem solvers and creative thinkers – A highly motivated student to tackle a project no one else has been able to find time for – The ability to influence a student’s view of the nonprofit world – A 66% discount in the cost of student labor The benefits to a current MIT student are remarkable as well: – Work experience – Understanding of new communities and their issues – Seeing the results of the work he or she contributes to an organization – Opportunities to apply lessons from the classroom – Travel in another part of the country I am excited to offer students the opportunity to work in your area for the summer, and I hope that you are too. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you know of any community organizations that could employ a CSWS student! Please contact Linden McEntire at or at 617-253-8065. Thank you, Linden McEntire MIT Public Service Center Community Employment Program Administrator 617-253-8065

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Welcome to The Great DUSP MeetUp!

Hi, everyone! This blog is the experiment in alumni-student community-building that you’ve probably heard us talking about lately. Take a look around, read about our mission and plan, who we are and how to get involved, and be sure to leave comments because like all good DUSPers, we feed on feedback.

We’re looking to expand the group – so please also leave a note if you’re interested in joining up. Thanks!

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