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MeetUp, back again (and stay tuned for more…)

Hi DUSPers, welcome back to fall!  After summer hiatus, the DUSP MeetUp team are eager to get back to work putting DUSPers around the globe in better contact with each other and with the Department.  Over the summer, Boston-area DUSPers continued to meet up at Boston Urban Exchange (BUX) happy hours.  September’s BUX meetup was organized in partnership with Planners Network Boston Chapter.  In an effort to continue forging connections among local planning organizations and people, the next BUX event, on Wed., October 28, will be co-hosted by Common Boston.

Where have you been meeting up with other DUSPers? Be it Mumbai, NOLA, Beirut, NYC, or Mexico City, real life or virtual, let us know by posting your comments (below) or sending an email to Gena or Connie.

Stay tuned for updates from The Great DUSP MeetUp as we continue work on short- and immediate-term goals.  As always, we love feedback and volunteers, if you have ideas, comments, or a few extra minutes to help with a project.

– Connie


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