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Event: Boston Urban Exchange: Wednesday June 17th, 5:30p, Middlesex, Cambridge, MA

Boston Urban Exchange

An informal gathering of planners and other urban-minded professionals in the Boston area

Wednesday, June 17th, 5:30-8pm

Middlesex, 315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA

Boston Urban Exchange is an informal gathering of planners, architects, urban designers, developers, ethnologists, technologists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, artists and all else who are care about urban development in the Boston/Cambridge region. This is our first event of the summer. If all goes well, we’ll have at least two more events (one in July and the other in August).

*No agenda or presentation. Just an opportunity to hang out and connect with other cool, young urban-minded people!

*Free! But you need to buy your own drinks. Also, we won’t stop you from being a dear and buying a drink for someone at the bar 🙂

Come! And feel free to invite people! The more, the merrier.

(Boston Urban Exchange is organized by Angela Insinger (ainsinger [at] and Gena Peditto (genapeditto [at]  We look forward to seeing you there!)



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