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MIT DUSP Constellation: How do DUSPers keep in touch?

We’ve mapped out how DUSPers keep in touch just in time for graduation! Check out our gorgeous little database of the DUSP Constellation. You can filter the results according to 8 criteria, including how the information is managed, whether or not the site is good for your job search, platform used, etc.

Screenshot of MIT DUSP Constellation database

Screenshot of MIT DUSP Constellation database

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments, if you love it, or even if you hate it.  Just to keep things organized, please post your comments on our previous post, “Request for help: where *do* DUSPers meetup?

If the response is positive, maybe we could expand upon this database to include job search, helpful planning sites, and alumni blogs (just for example)?  Let us know… !


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