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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…(updates from DUSP Career Development)

three announcements from the world of DUSP Career Development – for alumni and students, both:

MJD: Now Full-time

Mary Jane Daly has moved to a full-time work schedule as of April 1, 2009. email her at daly[at]mit[dot]edu.

DUSPers, Take Alums Out to Lunch (For Free!)

last semester, Molly Ekerdt (MCP’09) came up with a great idea to facilitate networking by and among DUSPers: current students can take an alumnus (or practicing planner) out to lunch, reimbursable up to $20 by DUSP Student Council. students have taken advantage of this for career advice, thesis interviews, and, well, plain old free lunch. Alums, update your Infinite Connection accounts so you can be treated to lunch.

DUSP Careers Website: Evolving (+ More on the Way)

check out the work Sloan Dawson (MCP’10) has done, along with MJD, to begin updating the Careers website. of note is the weekly News + Events page. more changes to come as the Alumni-Student Group keeps moving!


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4 Responses

  1. gpeditto says:

    I ♥ the weekly News + Event page on the Careers website. But(!) could we please get an rss feed? I would like to add the feed to both the Facebook page and the LinkedIn group. I would also like to add it to my personal reader (Google Reader and my brower’s bookmarks bar). Great work. Thanks Sloan!

  2. cismontane says:

    is this the weekly news you’re referring to Gena, or is that something else?

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