The Great DUSP MeetUp: Empowering Alumni-Student Action

The blog of the MIT Department of Urban Studies & Planning Alumni-Student Group

Welcome to The Great DUSP MeetUp!

Hi, everyone! This blog is the experiment in alumni-student community-building that you’ve probably heard us talking about lately. Take a look around, read about our mission and plan, who we are and how to get involved, and be sure to leave comments because like all good DUSPers, we feed on feedback.

We’re looking to expand the group – so please also leave a note if you’re interested in joining up. Thanks!


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3 Responses

  1. Deborah Morris says:

    This blog loots fantastic. I think what might be helpful is if under “links to DUSP world” we also have subscriptions to the DUSPgooglegroups that exist and are geographically or topically based.

    looks fantastic though!

  2. Ted Schwartzberg says:

    This is fantastic. Thank you to everyone involved…it’s like intra-dusp communications on the web skipped the 1990’s and instantly came right to the present- nice work!

    (I’m available for free lunch if anyone wants to take me out, just for the record.)

    Ted (DUSP 08)

  3. conniejean says:

    Deborah – that is a great idea. one project (under short-term tasks on the About Our Mission and Plan page) is to map all of these different networks, geographic and topical, and figure out what exists and how we can link them together — this blog being an attempt to do so, of course. a step towards putting that together will be a call to ‘find’ all of these email lists. keep an eye out for that blog post requesting a ‘roll call’ of these lists, blogs, and other web (or non-web) presences!

    connie (mcp’09)

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