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Nov. 3: NYC DUSP Open House for Alumni and Prospectives

Join us on November 3 for a Fall MIT DUSP Alumni Reception and Open House event for alumni and prospective students in the New York City area.   Come to hear current trends in Planning, Design, and Development of NYC Schools from DUSP Alumna Sharon Greenberger (MCP ’93) and Department Head Amy Glasmeier.  Meet and mingle with NYC-area colleagues, classmates, and old friends.

NYC DUSP Open House Nov. 3

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Save the Date! DUSP Alumni Reception in NYC – February 10

Dear NYC DUSPers,

Please save the date for a DUSP Alumni Reception with Department Head Amy Glasmeier on February 10 from 6 – 8 pm.

Come to connect with NYC alumni from all years, hear the latest news from DUSP, and meet the new department head.  Prospective students are welcome, so please extend the invitation:

  • WHAT:  DUSP Alumni Reception with Amy Glasmeier
  • WHEN:  February 10, 6 – 8pm
  • WHERE:  Manhattan location TBD

Food and drink provided

Cost – $20 for alumni, free for prospectives; any surplus will be donated to DUSP

Detailed Invitation, Location, and RSVP details will follow — hope to see you there!
– Whitney Foutz (MCP ’06, CRE’06)
Jonathan Rose Companies

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Request for your insight: Plaza survey

Dear All

In an effort to help improve DUSP’s communication, the Plaza Working Group has designed a short Google Forms survey to gather feedback on how Plaza is currently being used and to guage the future potential of online communications for the department

Please take 5-10 minutes in the next few days to give us your feedback towards improving internal communications. The link below will take you directly to the survey. The survey closes on Tuesday 11/24 at 11:59pm. Results will be posted to Plaza no later than Monday 11/30.

This survey is intended for DUSP affiliates, only.  To access, please go to:

Best Regards,

The Plaza Working Group
Joe Ferreira | Faculty Liaison
Rob Goodspeed | PhD ’14
Andrew Gulbrandson, Chair | MCP ’10
Frank Hebbert | MCP ’08
Evan Paul | MCP ’10
Gena Peditto | MCP ’07
Josh Sklarsky | MCP ’10

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MeetUp, back again (and stay tuned for more…)

Hi DUSPers, welcome back to fall!  After summer hiatus, the DUSP MeetUp team are eager to get back to work putting DUSPers around the globe in better contact with each other and with the Department.  Over the summer, Boston-area DUSPers continued to meet up at Boston Urban Exchange (BUX) happy hours.  September’s BUX meetup was organized in partnership with Planners Network Boston Chapter.  In an effort to continue forging connections among local planning organizations and people, the next BUX event, on Wed., October 28, will be co-hosted by Common Boston.

Where have you been meeting up with other DUSPers? Be it Mumbai, NOLA, Beirut, NYC, or Mexico City, real life or virtual, let us know by posting your comments (below) or sending an email to Gena or Connie.

Stay tuned for updates from The Great DUSP MeetUp as we continue work on short- and immediate-term goals.  As always, we love feedback and volunteers, if you have ideas, comments, or a few extra minutes to help with a project.

– Connie

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Blog on holiday until Sept

As many of us are busy with new projects, internships, babies, travel, enjoying the summer, et cetera et cetera, we’re taking a break (at least from this blog) until September.  Stay connected by continuing to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and all the other means you have available to you!


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Thanks for coming to the Boston Urban Exchange!

Thank you all for coming to the first Boston Urban Exchange (BUX) on Wednesday night! We thought the evening was a great success, and we’ll definitely host at least another two meetups before the end of the summer (one in July and one in August).

Although we planned the event fairly quickly, turnout exceeded our expectations

  •  about 40-50 people joined us at Middlesex!

 We met young professionals working in the public, private, and civic sectors, with expertise in planning, urban design, real estate, architecture, artist space development, community development, organizational consulting, environmental activism, affordable housing finance and development, campus planning, GIS and data visualization, fundraising and development, executive recruitment, etc, as well as a some master’s and PhD students.

Over the course of the evening, we also watched the effects of networking unfold before our eyes. For example …

  • Some people realized they share interests and are going to explore potentially producing an art and charity event.
  • A few architects who were introduced at the Boston Urban Exchange liked each other enough to shared a cab to check out Pecha Kucha, which they hadn’t heard of or been to before.
  • And another person met a professional who’s work she admired from afar but didn’t find the opportunity to meet.

We think building these kinds of connections are awesome and we hope to see more!

The next Boston Urban Exchange is on a to-be-determined date in July. If you know anyone who would like to be added to our mailing list in anticipation, please tell them to drop us a line!


Angela + Gena

ps — We encourage you all to go to Common Boston’s D-Party tonight, as well as their other scheduled programs this weekend!

Date: Jun 19 2009 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Location: Thompson Design Group, 35 Channel Center Street in Fort Point Channel

Common Boston is a volunteer organization dedicated to expanding public awareness of the Boston area’s built environment through interactive programs, to fostering collaboration between design professionals and those for whom they design, and to collectively shaping a sustainable, equitable, beautiful built environment. All events during Common Boston Weekend 09 are free and open to the public. The second annual D-Party, Common Boston’s open-invite cocktail party, celebrates good work by community advocates and local architects and lubricates good conversation between them.

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Event: Boston Urban Exchange: Wednesday June 17th, 5:30p, Middlesex, Cambridge, MA

Boston Urban Exchange

An informal gathering of planners and other urban-minded professionals in the Boston area

Wednesday, June 17th, 5:30-8pm

Middlesex, 315 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA

Boston Urban Exchange is an informal gathering of planners, architects, urban designers, developers, ethnologists, technologists, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, artists and all else who are care about urban development in the Boston/Cambridge region. This is our first event of the summer. If all goes well, we’ll have at least two more events (one in July and the other in August).

*No agenda or presentation. Just an opportunity to hang out and connect with other cool, young urban-minded people!

*Free! But you need to buy your own drinks. Also, we won’t stop you from being a dear and buying a drink for someone at the bar 🙂

Come! And feel free to invite people! The more, the merrier.

(Boston Urban Exchange is organized by Angela Insinger (ainsinger [at] and Gena Peditto (genapeditto [at]  We look forward to seeing you there!)


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MIT DUSP Constellation: How do DUSPers keep in touch?

We’ve mapped out how DUSPers keep in touch just in time for graduation! Check out our gorgeous little database of the DUSP Constellation. You can filter the results according to 8 criteria, including how the information is managed, whether or not the site is good for your job search, platform used, etc.

Screenshot of MIT DUSP Constellation database

Screenshot of MIT DUSP Constellation database

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments, if you love it, or even if you hate it.  Just to keep things organized, please post your comments on our previous post, “Request for help: where *do* DUSPers meetup?

If the response is positive, maybe we could expand upon this database to include job search, helpful planning sites, and alumni blogs (just for example)?  Let us know… !

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Request for help: where *do* DUSPers meetup?

I need your help.  I’m trying to identify all the points where DUSPers meetup.  ALL of them: in-real-life, virtual, public, private, semi-public, semi-private, ad hoc, informal, formal, local, regional, national, international, etc.

Frank, Hattie, and I are going to turn all this info into a nifty, dynamic diagram and publish it by Friday 6/5/09 (just in time for graduation.. 🙂

So, please share what you know.  You can send me (or Hattie, or Frank) a direct email, or you can comment on this post.  Whatever works best for you.

Just please report back with your knowledge early and often!

Also, keep in mind that it would be great to keep things relatively simple.  We’d like to start with the points that have a DUSP-focus; we can always scale up for a future iteration.


Here’s what I’ve roughly pulled together so far:

Public points (visible and/or open to all)

  1. Alumni-Student Group blog, The Great DUSP MeetUp
  2. MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning website
  3. School of Architecture and Planning website
  4. MIT DUSP Student Council website
  5. Facebook
    • DUSP Community
    • DUSP Alumni Group
    • IDG Group
    • DUSP FPOP (Freshmen pre Orientation Program)
    • SA+P

Private/Private points (open to some)

  1. DUSP Calendar
  2. Official department emails (from Ezra Glenn / Amy Glasmeier)

Private points (members only, but not necessarily restricted access)

  1. Infinite Connection | MIT Alumni Association
  2. Plaza
  3. Email lists
    • DUSP in Downtown Boston – see Angela Insinger (MCP’07)
    • DUSP in Los Angeles – see James Rojas (MCP’91)
  4. Listservs
    • DUSPCYCLE – duspcycle[at]
  5. Google Groups
    • NYC DUSP
  6. Yahoo Groups
    • Bay Area
  7. LinkedIn
    • MIT DUSP Community
    • MIT Center for Real Estate
  8. Facebook
    • SENSEable’s

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on Plaza: Class recommendations

DUSPers, recommend your favorite classes (or professors) over at this Plaza discussion (login required). or if you can’t find your Plaza login, just post them here, in a comment, and i’ll migrate them over.


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